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The International Dante Bibliography project


The International Dante Bibliography (Bibliografia Dantesca Internazionale) is now available online with a completely updated interface and search engine. In addition to all of its previous functionalities, it now offers several new features, including:

- bilingual (Italian/English) search and results screens

- in addition to free-text searching, advanced search options to facilitate precision searching using a combination of parameters such as author, title, keyword subjects, publication year, and thematic categories and subcategories (Dante, medieval Latin and romance languages, miscellaneous, and corresponding subcategories)

- access to complete cataloging information for each record, including keyword subjects, references to reviews, and other details

- ability to download and print search results in PDF and DOCX formats

- daily (instead of quarterly) bibliographic database updates with new entries added regularly

- daily (instead of quarterly) bibliographic database updates with new entries added regularly

The new International Dante Bibliography has been launched through the collaboration of the two of the oldest organizations dedicated to the study of Dante and the integration of their previous bibliographic research tools: the Società Dantesca Italiana, which created and has maintained since 1999 the previous Bibliografia Dantesca Internazionale in Italian, and the Dante Society of America, which created and has maintained since 1952 its Annual Dante Bibliography, initially published in the Society’s annual journal, Dante Studies, and subsequently on the Society’s website.

Thanks to the partnership agreement signed on 23 March 2017 by Società Dantesca Italiana president Marcello Ciccuto and Dante Society of America president Albert Russell Ascoli, and the cooperation of their respective bibliography committees, scholars around the world now have free and open access to a bibliographical resource without equal not only in the realm of Dante Studies but Italian Studies in general. The partnership heralds a new season of scholarly exchange between Italy and North America.

The agreement and the creation of the new International Dante Bibliography were made possible by the joint efforts of the members of the societies’ respective bibliography committees (2017-):

Elisa Brilli (University of Toronto – DSA)

Danielle Callegari (UC Berkeley – DSA)

Alison Cornish (NYU – DSA)

Christian Dupont (Boston College – DSA)

Paola Laurella (SDI)

Giuseppe Ledda (Unibo-SDI)

Giovanna Puletti (SDI)

We also wish to thank Leonardo Chiarantini (PhD candidate, University of Michigan), who served as the first DSA intern for the project in residence at the SDI during the summer of 2017.

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